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The Games My Children Play — June 16, 2015

The Games My Children Play

DVD players

So today on a really not that long car journey my children (11, 9 and 7) decided to count passingĀ German cars. They wanted to see how many they could find in a row.

Being them, the game soon escalated and became more and more involved so that by the time we were coming back again they were giving each car makeĀ a ‘handle’ whilst still counting German cars… and so the conversation went something like this…

one, two, sushi, sushi, burger, burger, double burger, one, burger, sushi, burger, burger, ugly burger, poppadum, poppadum, poppadum-dum-dum (sung), one, sushi, Retreat, Retreat We Surrender, sushi, burger, burger, sushi, poppadum, poppadum, poppadum-dum-dum, somewhere in a factory in South East Asia, ein, zwei (things had moved on German wise), Taekwondo, sushi, sushi, poppadum, poppadum, poppadum-dum-dum, burger, burger, burger with ketchup (roof rack), I can play chopsticks with chopsticks, sushi, burger, burger, ein, zwei, drei, burger, God Save our Gracious Queen (etc sung- rare old Rover), Retreat, Retreat We Surrender, burger, burger, sushi, sushi….


And this is why we have in-car DVD players for longer journeys…

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