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The Games My Children Play — June 16, 2015

The Games My Children Play

DVD players

So today on a really not that long car journey my children (11, 9 and 7) decided to count passing German cars. They wanted to see how many they could find in a row.

Being them, the game soon escalated and became more and more involved so that by the time we were coming back again they were giving each car make a ‘handle’ whilst still counting German cars… and so the conversation went something like this…

one, two, sushi, sushi, burger, burger, double burger, one, burger, sushi, burger, burger, ugly burger, poppadum, poppadum, poppadum-dum-dum (sung), one, sushi, Retreat, Retreat We Surrender, sushi, burger, burger, sushi, poppadum, poppadum, poppadum-dum-dum, somewhere in a factory in South East Asia, ein, zwei (things had moved on German wise), Taekwondo, sushi, sushi, poppadum, poppadum, poppadum-dum-dum, burger, burger, burger with ketchup (roof rack), I can play chopsticks with chopsticks, sushi, burger, burger, ein, zwei, drei, burger, God Save our Gracious Queen (etc sung- rare old Rover), Retreat, Retreat We Surrender, burger, burger, sushi, sushi….


And this is why we have in-car DVD players for longer journeys…

My Brain — June 2, 2015

My Brain

Just a quickie…

So today I was in the middle of hanging my laundry on the airer. It being rainy here…again…

My doorbell rang, well I say bell, actually it plays an extremely tinny version of ‘I came from Alabama with a banjo on my knee’ …the previous owners of this house were just…weird…I can’t seem to change it…Interestingly on the Fixtures and Fittings list they said they were taking it with them which I thought was a bit odd, seeing as it is sooo hideous, but they possibly ran out of time to remove it as they were too busy taking down every….single….curtain rail… which were on the Fixtures and Fittings list as staying…ho hum, I digress.

At the door were a national bed company who were here to deliver our new flat packed double spare bed. I supervised the process. And then being a little odd I decided to start assembly. I quite like flat pack, as long as I am not doing it with my husband, when I hate flat pack. I like to read ALL the instructions, count ALL the bolts, and nuts, and gizmos and Alan keys. He doesn’t. Let’s just say we are slightly incompatible in this regard.

I was expecting a handyman to call to tell me he was on his way to fit some of the aforementioned missing curtain poles.

I realised I perhaps ought to have my mobile and landline handset upstairs, in case I missed his call through all my grunting and swearing.

I went downstairs and could not find my mobile. So I called it from my land line. I located its muffled ring under a pile of wet washing on my futility room side. Oh, yes, I remember I was doing the laundry. I pocketed the phone and finished hanging the laundry.

I then checked my phone for missed calls from my handyman. There was indeed a missed call, damn. I didn’t immediately recognise the number but thought it odd that it was a landline not a mobile. So I called it.

And got myself…

I actually do worry gently.

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