Currently we are on holiday. Not to make you envious or anything but that is the view from our balcony.

We are in Greece. Before we went we did have some concerns. Everyone is warning of doom and gloom on the money front. And yes we brought a suitcase of hard cash…

I had expected the country to be reeling. For the indigenous people to be a little bit ‘off’ and possibly down hearted. But since we arrived the Greeks have been unfailingly cheerful. The service, as always, has been second to none. But it is more than that. They seem genuinely pleased to see us. Which I suppose is unsurprising for an economy 40% reliant on tourism.

Our plane wasn’t full. Which I have never seen before. I have no idea if tourists have been put off by the EU wrangling.

They shouldn’t be.

This place is simply stunning. Warm, friendly and courteous. That’s why we came back. And probably would again.

Its also why this blog is likely to be very short on entries for a week or so.

I will be too busy relaxing to write.