As some of you reading this first, and slightly tremulous blog entry, may know, if only from bitter experience of reading my many many Facebook entries, I like to write.

Not always well, not always grammatically correctly but nevertheless I like to write.

It is strange really because at school I was a ‘scientist’ and therefore not known for my writing. I was defined by my maths skills, by my more than slightly geeky membership of the almost all boy geek club that was Further Maths, by my love of playing bridge in break times. I dropped all ‘art’ subjects like hot cakes and set off down the route to smelly lab coats and Bunsen burners as soon as feasibly possible.

My mum despaired of me when my reading matter of choice leant towards Jackie Collins and Jilly Cooper, both fine writers, but not on my mother’s list of ‘proper authors’. I never really got on with Dickens or Shakespeare or the like and sat fairly clueless in English Lit lessons.

However I have always had a secret literary side. Involving penning my own words. These will never make the ‘proper author’ shelf but the process has always given me pleasure.

Don’t get me wrong. My back catalogue is not extensive but I often find myself thinking ‘I must write that down’. And secreted away in various places around the house are evidence of my efforts. A set of hand written poems I wrote when I was about 10, mostly about moving house and my new baby brother. Scrawled diaries in my teenage years which now make painful reading. Another set of poems, this time word processed, in my bedside drawer penned around the early 90s during that melancholy period at the end of my University career. And a whole set of tongue in cheek articles I wrote for the local NCT magazine when my children were babies and toddlers.

Recently Facebook has been my main outlet. And often I think that maybe it is not the right place for some of what I want to say. Or even that my posts are too long or not of interest to everyone.

So I have toyed with a blog for a while. And today appears to be the day. Quite why I am not sure.

Setting it up was remarkably easy. Writing this felt natural, although it is probably very dull!  Keeping it going may be more difficult. I am not really after an audience as such just another, more modern outlet.  Let’s see how it pans out….

PS I am a massive fan of the ellipses (the name of which I only learnt from my children)… As Facebook friends will know… I am trying to limit usage… It’s not going that well…