Here’s an interesting one… well I thought so…

At our old house our bedroom was above the Sky satellite receiver. Often lying in bed at night I would hear a beep beep beep. Really quite annoying. I put it down to some sort of electronic malfunction. With the Sky dish. I never got round to calling Sky.

Whenever I opened the window I could swear the sound had moved and so I began to blame the neighbour’s burglar alarm. I never got round to mentioning it to the neighbour.

We were moving. So I thought I would leave such issues behind.

Then a couple of weeks after the move I noticed the sound had followed us. Our new Sky dish was…well brand new so an unlikely culprit. And so as we now owned a burglar alarm I blamed that. When we had the service company out to give it an overhaul I forgot to mention it.

Then recently I was chatting with one of our new neighbours, who also happens to be a friend, about how we were liking the new abode and I told her that we found the owls in the wood opposite a tad noisy. She told me that as her neighbour has six cats they were often awoken by fights in the middle of the night and that also the midwife toads were a noise nuisance. I asked her what they sounded like.

And she described my beeping precisely.

I looked it up on You tube. And all along it has been an amphibious issue.

Thank goodness I never mentioned it to anyone.

Sometimes that senior brain of mine saves all sorts of embarrassment.