When I write these entries I tend to do it quickly. I get an idea or some sentences form in my mind which are either humorous or profound (ish) and which I feel I can hang an entry on.

Generally these thoughts come to me at inopportune moments. When I am cooking tea. When I am driving. Etc.

So sometimes I cannot get that entry written straight away. Therefore I make a lot of effort to retain those ideas and sentences in my head until a time arises when I have some moments to actually write. That is probably why I lose my car keys. Or keep going upstairs and forgetting what I came for. Too many blog ideas taking up disk space.


When I finally do get to write I often find my PC occupied by Minecrafters and so I start on my I pad. If that is also not occupied by Dumb Way to Die-ers.

So in extremis, or when parked at my kids’ school with half an hour to kill, I use my tiny Samsung phone.

And then I splurge words and ideas and punctuation in a semi coherent fashion onto the page. With my poor typing, which is even poorer on I pad and frankly atrocious on my phone. Big fingers. Tiny keys.

As such proof reading and editing are key. I never immediately publish a post. Excepting in the early days when I didn’t understand how to delay it.

Posts often lig around for a few days, or sometimes weeks. So I have time to add photos. Refine. Think of more relevant prose. Correct spelling. And add possessive apostrophes. But not there. That would be. Bad.

Of course the software I type on auto corrects some of the more obvious words. If it can guess what they are. But still sometimes I want to write a word I speak a lot but have no idea how to spell.

As such my dictionary is my friend. My children were amazed recently to see me using my dictionary. They all believe dictionaries are a way of taking up school locker space. Not for actually looking up words. So I am a great parental role model. Shines halo.

But even with this editing and proof reading mistakes still get published.

Homophones are not my friends. I was horrified to read yesterday that I had being ‘stationary’ on my to do list in my To Do entry. Obviously that was not my intent. I actually needed to buy pencils. Luckily I can correct once the article is published and so only around 10 of you read my horrific homophone blunder.

I can only apologise to my audience for such blunders. If I were a proper ‘author’ I would have an editor. But I don’t. So things are not perfect.

I hope you can forgive me.