Sorry for the radio silence….I don’t really have a solid reason for the lack of posts over the last week or so… lack of inspiration, the depression of post ‘clocks going back’, no time… that sort of thing…

Anyhoo this afternoon the kids and I decided to have a Wii tournament.

Mostly because I am sick of hearing myself say,

“Turn off that I pod, I phone, I pad (delete as appropriate) and come out of your room and be damn sociable for a bit”….

But the weather has been absolutely foul. It hasn’t got light properly all week. We spent the morning getting soaked on various pitches. Middlest won’t play board games without me employing the kind of enthusiasm that a dreary November day does not illicit in me.

And so I decided to go with Eldest’s idea of a Wii Sport’s Resort tournament. We don’t possess an X Box or a PSP and so the Wii is our only option for playing together, even so we only have two remotes and nunchucks and so they have to share. Which usually means that Eldest produces a highly complicated spreadsheet containing order’s of play, which always favour him. Then we have the usual arguments about how an archery match is in no way equivalent to slicing pieces of melon and eggs in half. And such like…

I decided to push these annoyances aside and try really hard to enjoy it.

I especially enjoyed the cow racing. Although not Eldest and Youngest playing billiards. Which was very loooong and painfuuuul especially as they could not work out the controls. Never has it taken so long for 9 balls to get in several pockets….

The thing I love about the Wii more than anything else is that about a gazillion years ago when we first had it and played it a lot, before it had got out of date and you could still get new games for it, we all designed Miis of ourselves.

For those not in the know these are versions of the little people that appear on the screen that look like real people. We have a collection including both Grandmas, a Grand-dad, all the kids, husband and I, a couple of Uncles and Aunts and some friends. Over time Eldest has added a moustache to his Mii and now looks like a dodgy Italian waiter. But generally they are remarkably recognisable. Although Middlest’s sunglasses give him an incognito air.

These Miis pop up in crowds cheering you on as you cycle up a volcano. Manys the time I have dived handle bar first into molten rock whilst waving at an old friend in the crowd. Or they applaud your bullseye in archery, sedately as befitting of a crowd at such an event. Or they perform a Mexican wave in the football ground.

And so randomly today Grandma was recruited to play in Youngest’s three on three basketball team. Twice. She was the queen of slam dunks…

Anyway it made me smile.