So on Monday Eldest managed to disable his phone. It was the usual morning chaos. At some point he lost his rag as Youngest had changed his home screen picture again.  And so I heard him say that he was going to change the passcode.

I shouted vaguely in his direction that it might not be such a good idea. We all knew his passcode which he had explained the evolution of to me in such detail that I was never going to forget it. In case he forgot it.

Anyhow out of school him came on Monday brandishing his disabled phone. Apparently he had ignored my advice. In the manner of twelve year old boys. He had changed the passcode. And promptly forgotten it.

After the numerous attempts to remember it his phone decided it had been stolen and disabled itself. I guess at some point phones may become clever enough to distinguish between theft and idiocy. But not yet. Accordingly to husband he must have tried incorrectly at least 12 times with dire warnings of the consequences of carrying on appearing after the sixth attempt. Presumably also ignored.

Husband has spent the two evenings he has been in since trying to un-disable it via his Apple Mac. It isn’t really working. We will have to resort to a shop.

He is not best pleased.

On the up side since Eldest has been phoneless for nearly four days he has rediscovered pursuits other than Terreria.

He has played YuGiOh in break times with actual cards. And played ping pong.

He has devoured two more books in the Belgariad.

He has played with his new remote controlled helicopter enticing his brother away from Monster Legends with ‘Who can fly their remote control helicopter better’ competitions.

He has drawn lots of Manga characters with his new pen from Grandma.

We have discovered that we do not need to be in constant phone contact to survive the school day.

So all in all there is a silver lining. Maybe we shouldn’t bother getting it reactiviated. Oh except for that £15 a month contract….hmmm…