It has been a while since my last entry. In fact it is so long that when I decided today to put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard) WordPress had signed me out. I had to remember my password. I ain’t good at that. I nearly gave up. But not quite. I apologise to those of you that like my posts. What can I say? Life has got in the way.

A while ago you may remember an entry entitled Living In a Bubble. I wrote it in the wake of the UK’s democratic decision to leave the EU, Brexit as it has come to be known. It was the Sunday following the referendum. I was still in shock. A lot of us still are although time and the seeming lack of any actual action has somewhat numbed the initial emotion. Life, as always, goes on. Tea needs cooking. Children need fetching. Christmas needs planning. The every day inures us to the shock.

And then today I awoke to more astounding news. That the US has elected as its president a man such as Donald Trump.

I am not a great follower of US politics. But even I have not been immune to the hyperbole surrounding the Presidential race. The mud slinging. The posturing. The claims and counter claims. In fact the race reminded me of the campaigning ahead of Brexit. The ‘promises’ made to millions by people who had no intention or indeed wherewithal to deliver. Or worse promises made which may come true but which border on fascism.

It feels almost surreal. That a man with no experience of political office can be awarded arguably the most powerful job in the world. And when I say he has no political experience that is probably the very least of everyone’s worries.

That is the ‘everyone’ excepting the millions of Americans who actually turned out and voted for him. Whether as a protest, or because they believed he was the better of two equally awful options, or because they liked one small part of his campaign, or because they genuinely believe he can ‘make America great again’, those people turned out in their millions to vote for a man who claimed Obama (who from the outside seems like one of the most decent Presidents ever) wasn’t born in the States.

I am at a loss really. One hopes that his party, who now hold sway in all three arms of the government of the US, contains enough sane individuals to put a curb on his more extreme ‘policies’.

If not then if we thought the world was going to hell in a handcart before it looks like it just boarded a bullet train to the underworld.

Anyway must get dinner on.