Finally peace descended about 12.30am… after I read the riot act….and confiscated torches… Things were descending into chaos. Even Eldest, who had managed to inveigle himself onto the spare blow up bed, decided discretion was the better part of valour and toddled off to his own single room muttering that things were ‘manic in there’…

I am probably mean. But then I needed to go to bed. If I wasn’t to be even meaner the next day.

As I drifted off to sleep it crossed my mind that they might lie in, it being around fours hours later than Middlest usually goes to sleep.

And then I awoke abruptly after what felt like minutes to the sound of a gaggle of boys all going to the bathroom together…and not using their morning voices either. It was 6.30am.

Anyhow I left them to it downstairs. Diary of a Wimpy Kid DVD I think. And tried to return to the land of nod. I finally gave up at 7.30 and pulled on clothes.

After a cup of tea and organising breakfast for Youngest, who was off to do a 5k run with Daddy, I felt able to deal with the day.

I fed them sugary cereal. Which was probably a mistake. They worked it off on the trampoline very loudly. It flitted across my mind that the neighbours may not appreciate the squeaking of springs and small boys prior to 9am but I lacked the energy to act on that thought. Tough.

Only mine and one of the guests wanted bacon. Weird. One said he was ‘almost a vegetarian’. Even some vegetarians I know weaken slightly at the smell of bacon but he was not to be moved. I thought the protein might help level energies.

They then decided to act out Pokémon battles, I think Middlest was Squirkle.

We had a brief Ellie panic. I had smuggled him in to Middlest during one of my many, many forays into their room the previous night and now he was missing. Tears were threatening. He was found and equilibrium was restored.

I decided to settle down at the garden table to eat my bacon and drink more tea and write this blog. Until my I pad ran out of charge. Due to children using it. Again. So I just watched the birds and ate my lovely rolls. With both sorts of sauce.

In the out turn it hasn’t been too bad. But I believe I will be saving such events for birthdays only. Until they are teenagers and I would rather they and any passing mates were crashed here than anywhere else.

Middlest’s verdict? It was fun, mummy, but quite hard work…. I can only agree, to the latter anyway….